Enrichment Programs

Olu’s ensures an active and beneficial collection of programs that engage children’s minds and bodies. Each of our enrichment offerings align with our beliefs of well-rounded opportunity to learn and grow.

Zumba Fitness

Dance like nobody’s watching with this all-out musical extravaganza that gets kids aged 3-12 up and moving to the rhythm. Featuring age-appropriate music, we reinforce the positive influence of dance as a powerful mode of fitness and expression.


Patience and hard work are a must, but the rewards are absolutely delicious. Children get the chance to work outdoors and experience hands-on responsibility of planting, tending, and harvesting the fresh, healthy produce that goes into their daily meals.


The reward of a well-balanced meal can last a lifetime, which is why we expose our kids to experience proper mealtime preparation in a safe environment. Learning recipes, kitchen dexterity, and nutritional knowledge to create lasting healthy eating habits.


Drawing, painting, and the theater await children who participate in our creative curriculum of artistic forms. Manifesting through the imaginative channels we’ve provided, kids will learn the tangible skills that translate to academic success.

Foreign Language

Communication goes far beyond vocabulary, which is why we instruct a multilingual course offering. Challenging young minds to interpret and recognize meaning through unfamiliar language, we foster unique problem-solving mindsets in a functional application.

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