3 Books for Black Boys

Having books in your home that spark joy in the life of your black son during this pivotal time is essential for growth and well being. With the murder of George Floyd and the following riots, your child could use a bit of joy. These three books will spark black boy joy in your home.


The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds.

People in the world collect things from stamps to baseball cards, but Jerome loves to collect words.

In this tale, we follow Jermone as he discovers the beauty of words surrounding him– words with rhythm, two-syllable words, words that sound melodic. Jermone’s adventure in The Word Collector inspires young back boys to find joy and empowerment in words around us.


The Library Book by Tom Chapin Illustrated by Michael Mark

A magical and fun place that sparks joy and excitement– the library! Join this young one on his trip to the library on a gloomy day.

Who will your child meet? It’s a surprise!

The Library Book takes your child on an adventure and will spark excitement and curiosity around their library close to home.


Max and the Tag-Along Moon by Floyd Cooper Illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Max and his grandpa have a loving bond, like many grandparents and grandchildren. Max adores his grandpa and gets sad when he has to leave. In this story, Grandpa tells Max that the moon at Grandpa’s house is the same moon as the one Max will see at home.

Max and the Tag-Along Moon speaks to the important bond between children and elders, an important part of Olu’s approach.


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