7 Qualities of Great Infant Childcare in Minneapolis

If you need the best infant childcare in Minneapolis, there are certain qualities you should look for in a provider. Dropping your child off in somebody else’s care is one of the most serious actions you take, and you must be sure you are securing quality care.


1. Positive Reputation

Any business can get somebody to speak positively of their services, and one or two angry parents can cause a negative uproar. But what is the overall reputation among a larger group of parents?


You have every right to ask the operator of an infant childcare to provide ten names of current and past parents who were longstanding customers. Call each parent and ask for the highs and lows of their experiences with the specific infant childcare in Minneapolis where their children attended.


Anyone can have a negative experience from time to time, but are there any alarming instances that make you question child safety? Also, there are differences between parents who have nothing negative to say about a childcare versus parents who are strong advocates. What is the pattern in the parents you talk to?


2. Visitors Are Welcome

The best childcares should be visitor friendly. While taking every precaution to be aware of visitors and keep children safe, a great childcare should be proud of what it is doing every day and eager to show it off.


A childcare that is secretive may have something to hide.


3. Employees Who Love Children

There is an immense difference between infant childcare in Minneapolis with employees who do their jobs as opposed to employees who are invested in the children they serve. Does the childcare you visit look like a fun and inviting place for your children to spend their days?

Just as importantly, do the employees look like they are having fun and loving their time with the children? The facility and the employees go hand in hand. Is there a spacious, inviting playground? And, are the staff members actively assisting and playing with the children on that spacious playground?


4. Child Safety

An infant childcare in Minneapolis that loves the children will be sure they are safe. The best childcare will put safety first to protects its children. Do you see constant supervision in the childcares you visit? Are safety procedures understood by all staff?


Do not be afraid to ask politely the staff if they know what to do when a child is choking? Or when someone smells smoke. Or when the electricity goes out.


How do they know none of their supplies have been recalled? And don’t forget the typical safety features:

  • Outlet covers
  • Secured window blind strings
  • Any stairs inaccessible to children
  • No questionable liquids or chemicals, such as cleaning agents, in reach or view of children
  • No small objects that could be choked on in students’ reach


5. Low Teacher-Child Ratio

Common sense dictates that the more students you have in your care, the harder it is to properly supervise each one. Especially in the field of infant childcare in Minneapolis, a parent does not want to spend their money on adults who are watching five, six, or seven infants.

The consistency of adults is also involved in this scenario. A low teacher-to-child ratio is important, and a low ratio with many of the same adults consistently in the lives of the children is also crucial. High turnover leaves children in an unfamiliar atmosphere.


6. Fully Licensed

Every state has basic requirements to run a childcare, and a childcare must be licensed by the state. There is a difference between a licensed childcare and a glorified babysitter. Be sure to understand what is involved in any license or accreditation information the childcare shares.

Does it require benefits to employees? Does it require specific regulations on toys? Or company vehicles?


7. Strong Audit Performances

Different bodies govern childcare facilities, curricula, and other aspects. Ask to see the most recent audit results for a potential infant childcare in Minneapolis. What were they cited for? What were they commended for?


It is often the unspoken goal of an auditor to find something to ding an institution for no matter what, but were the citations of a potential childcare serious? Were they citations that could jeopardize your child’s safety?


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