How Holistic Child Care Center differs from Preschool to Better Benefit Toddlers

Parents are often left in the dilemma of whether to enrol their child in a preschool or get into a daycare center.
While preschool allows your child to spend more time at home and remain free for the rest of the day, a holistic daycare center ensures you he/she develops in all aspects.

1. Number of Hours

Going by the name, a daycare center will last almost the whole day where child care professionals spend their time to teach children a variety of things.

This includes meals, snacks, playtime, study time and indoor and outdoor sports. A daycare is generally a year-long program.

On the other hand, a preschool will usually have children for a few hours of the day. This means they will be spending 3-4 hours in a preschool and learn things based on predesigned course-structure.

The idea of preschool is to make kinds of elementary school ready. These last for a few months especially designed in a way to proceed for a few months before the admissions to elementary schools.

2. Children’s age

A holistic daycare center will have children of various ages with infants who’re hardly 6-8 weeks old and even the elementary school students enrolled for the after-school care.

The range of children in holistic daycare center ensures children from each age group benefits from the variety of teaching professionals roped in who do the tasks like changing the diapers to even helping children for their toilets.


The age range for pre-schoolers is limited ranging from 2-2.5 years to 5-6 years old. Most of the preschool learning will be focused on textbooks and skewed academically and not on the overall growth of the children.

The students enrolled in a preschool program will be are expected that they can take care of themselves -be it feeding or toilet manners.

3. Curriculum and Teaching Philosophy

Most of the holistic daycare center in Ahmedabad adopts the early childhood style, development model.

This means, the curriculum mostly has play-based activities and learning through socialization.

The key philosophy of a daycare center is to ensure children remain happy and healthy. The curriculum philosophy involves bettering the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

The preschools have a rather different philosophy altogether inclined towards harnessing educational qualities of children.

This means the academics are prioritized compared to holistic child development. The courses are structured to simplify elementary school learning.

4. Involvement of Parents

The role of parents is pivotal in the daycare center since they are allowed to meet and see their child during the working hours.

The top preschool in Ahmedabad allows parents to visit their toddlers over lunch and bring them food.

This keeps children excited throughout the day as they long to see their parents and performs activities while staying motivated.


Though there is always a space for some exceptions, preschools for toddlers usually do not allow parents to visit their child during the functional hours.

Children need to focus on time and sit through the program learning one thing after the other where the schedule is followed strictly.

5. Group and Collaborative Work

One of the primary aims of holistic child care center is to indulge the child in a social environment with more time spent with other children.

This has children getting opportunities to engage with others because of activities for holistic development. Such activities ensure children learn the basics of life skills based on collaborative work.

Preschool kid’s development does consider the group activities but those are usually skewed towards academic interactions.

There are baby preschools that allow children to look out for other eloquent ways to contribute their knowledge in the classroom.

The idea validation is mostly based on what is taught and what is said while holistic daycare center will focus on encouraging more children to speak and contribute during indoor and outdoor activities for holistic development in early childhood.

6. Variety of approach in Environment

Holistic child development is not possible in a conducive environment and that is why most of the holistic childcare center will have outdoor and indoor playing area. A children center wills emphasis on providing a natural environment.

The key concern involves giving a child a play school that makes learning fun with lots of activities involved.

The infrastructure of the childcare center is designed to naturally provoke children towards learning and gain more meaningful experiences.

Most of the toddler-preschool in Ahmedabad focus on enrolling more teachers and leverage their experience to better children’s learning.

Most of the preschool for children has indoor infrastructure that involves books and plays books to learn and develop skills necessary for academic development.

The overall environment is rather competitive to keep children on the edge – getting ahead of one another.

The holistic development of a child is possible in preschool by integrating various outdoor sports competition that emphasises on children winning and making them feel confident overall.

While preschool or daycare center, both are essential for child development. It is up to the parents regarding which one to go for depending on the priority of their children.

But, getting into a holistic daycare center early on will ensure that children are well-prepared not only for the elementary school but also for the life to come.


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