Olu’s Beginnings Mural Project – Call for Artists

Olu’s Beginnings Mural Project – Call for Artists   


About Us
Olu’s Beginnings is a childcare center located near North Minneapolis. Inspired by the greater Olu’s mission of holistic service to the people of Minneapolis, we offer a child development experience unlike any other, with environmentally conscious and intergenerational programs. In October of 2014 Olu’s Beginnings broke ground with the help of numerous local contributions alongside the Community Reinvestment Fund, aiding businesses focused on revitalizing communities throughout the country. For more information, visit olusbeginnings.com.


Mission Statement
Olu’s Beginnings creates a holistic environment that teaches children to inspire, give, and learn freely while taking ownership and accountability for building a progressive foundation towards their development.


Program Goals 

  • Promote healthy eating and an eco-friendly environment
  • Provide and deliver extracurricular opportunities and education
  • Provide inspiration, love, and nurturing care

Whole learning starts here. 


Project Scope 

  • The Mural (size: approximately 6 by 6 feet) in the atrium of the lobby in Olu’s Beginnings early childhood center
  • The mural is located approximately 10 feet and will require the use of ladders or a lift etc.
  • The mural content should reflect Olu’s Beginnings work – slogan, urban gardening, growth, children, learning, elements from the website (ex. Caterpillar, worm, butterfly), diversity, books, history, affirming, etc.


Project Timeline 

  • Proposal deadline: May 28, 2021, at 5pm via email submission
  • Work timeline: mural should be completed June 1-15, 2021


Project Budget 

All proposals must include proposed costs to complete the tasks described in the project scope.
There is a budget that is allocated for this project by Olu’s Beginnings, LLC (this is not a “pro bono”/unpaid opportunity)


How to Submit a Proposal

  • Resume/Artist Bio/Artist Statement that tells us a little bit about you and your values
  • Work Samples (3 or more): website, JPEGS, Instagram account, etc.
  • Project budget stating the estimated hours that are needed to complete
  • Submit all materials by the deadline date to jworlobah@olushome.com 


Questions? Please contact Jamie at jworlobah@olushome.com 



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