Our Children’s Favorite Dramatic Play Activities

Dramatic play helps children, learn, grow, and develop social skills. In our classrooms, children frequently use dramatic play or make-believe to express themselves. These activities are an essential part of child development. We’d like to share some of our children’s favorite dramatic play activities!



The bakery makes their make-believe bread and pastries, the aroma of sweet and soft goods draws in the customers. Another child uses their customer service skills to greet their new customer and make the transaction—another happy customer at the Olu’s dramatic play bakery.



After a long day of play, a child can go to the salon to chat with their favorite stylist. Social distancing friendly services currently. The children share some fun hair tips and catch up on the latest news from the playground.



At the make-believe fast food restaurant, the children can order whatever their hearts desire. We hear the food, and the service is above five stars.


Olu’s Dramatic Play Story:

A child was on the bike and another child was in the box. The child in the box was acting as an MC Donald clerk, she asked the child “ May I take your order?” The child has been learning to practice his M sounds with a speech therapist and as well at school with his teachers. The teacher asked him to say “May I have a milkshake, please. The teacher put emphasis on the M sound. He was able to say “May I have a milkshake please.”, without hesitation and a huge smile on his face. That shows that even while playing with others you are always learning.

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