The Ultimate Checklist for Finding Amazing Infant Daycare in Minneapolis in 2019

Do you need to find the best infant childcare in Minneapolis? Consider the following checklist that will help you narrow down the qualities of the best childcare for your children.


1. Supervision

Supervision is always the most important category to begin a checklist for the best infant childcare in Minneapolis because you are turning over your supervision to another group of individuals. Do they supervise the children at all times?


Are the children supervised in a way that the children are never alone with the caregivers in a secluded spot? Have all the caregivers been properly vetted with background checks? Are they all thoroughly trained?


2. Indoor Facility

In winter months and on rainy days, children may be confined to the indoor facility. Be sure it is adequate to meet your child’s needs.


Is the facility big enough for children to have room to play and learn with adequate space for the staff to move around? Are there distinct areas for quiet activities and active play?

Is it clean? Are there enough toys, supplies, and materials for all children? Is there technology for the children, and how is it monitored?


3. Outdoor Opportunities

Even though children will sometimes be confined indoors, the best childcare in Minneapolis will have plenty of outdoor opportunities over time.


Does the childcare have adequate outdoor space for play? Is the play area fenced? Is it inspected on a continuous basis for safety?


Is the outdoor equipment well maintained? Is it the right size and age-appropriate for the children who will be using it?


How are peer interaction and cooperative play encouraged outdoors?


4. Transportation

If your child’s childcare experience involves any transportation, you must be sure transportation is safe and reliable. Will your child be picked up or dropped off from childcare? Will they travel throughout the day as part of their childcare experience?

Are the drivers licensed and insured? Do the adults who will be driving have clean driving records? Are there appropriate car seats and other needed equipment?

5. Food

If you are relying on the childcare to feed your child, you will need to be sure that he or she is safe and well-nourished.


Is handwashing required for eating? Do staff wash their hands too? Is handwashing required for bathroom breaks?


Does the food menu follow any specific nutritional guidelines? How do they handle food allergies?


6. Structure

The best infant childcare in Minneapolis should balance the day’s contents. Is there enough playtime, educational time, and downtime?


Are children sufficiently active? Or do they spend the majority of their day stationary? Do their days involve choice activities, or is each activity dictated by staff?


Do the staff members play alongside the children to facilitate learning and foster structured play?


7. Parent Involvement

Quality infant childcare in Minneapolis should have sufficient parent involvement and invite parent participation.


Does the staff communicate regularly with parents? Are parents notified of their children’s progress in a variety of areas, such as physical, social, and educational?


Does the childcare use technology to communicate and is the technology easily accessible for you?


Are parents encouraged to visit? How do the parents have opportunities to be involved in program activities? Is it easy for parents to facilitate time to meet with other parents?

How would your families culture and values be incorporated into the school day?


Quality Infant ChildCare in Minneapolis

During your search for quality infant childcare in Minneapolis, consider visiting Olu’s Beginnings at 1315 12th Avenue N. Minneapolis, MN 55411.


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