Olu’s Beginnings Welcomes Chef Kali

Olu’s Beginnings is excited to welcome Chef Kali May to the team as our new cook. In her role she will be responsible for prepping and preparing healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks for the children who attend our early childhood programs. Chef Kali comes to us with an extensive resume, and two decades of experience. She is a bit of an adventurer and has worked all over the country on her food journey.

Why Write When You Can Cook?

Initially interested in Journalism, Chef Kali quickly changed her focus when she decided sitting around all day was not for her. As a nature lover and fan of state and National Parks, she got her first food gig at a park in Colorado, and was immediately hooked! Her first big Chef position soon followed in Steamboat Springs, where she worked as one of the three head chefs at the Grand Hotel. While there she managed a staff of 29 cooks and navigated multiple food stations, including a large dining room, pool side grill, pizza café and banquet ballroom. Before coming back to Minnesota she also lived, worked and ate in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. While in Wyoming she even cooked for a couple well known politicians, and a few hungry secret service members, too.

Chefs Gotta Eat, Too!

With all of the amazing restaurants she has had access to, she admittedly picked up a taste for fine dining over the years. When asked what her favorite dish would be, Chef Kali said she loves all food. But added that if she had to choose, she would say escargot, or beautifully prepared seafood. Which was quickly followed up with, “but these days any food someone else prepares for me becomes an immediate favorite.” Which makes sense, as Chef Kali has now settled down in Minneapolis with her partner, Zach, and their two young sons, five-month-old Cassady and 3-year-old Lincoln. Which means lots of dishes, and that this tired momma could probably use a break!

Being Around Kiddos Feels Like Home

Chef Kali was drawn to the work here at Olu’s Beginnings for a couple reasons. Perhaps most importantly, she has a much greater interest in affordable and sustainable nutrition now that she is a mother. She also really enjoys working for kids, and says, “I love making food for children, even though they can be the most difficult customers,” adding with a laugh and a wink, “they will tell you if they don’t like something.” She is drawn to making good food accessible, and passionate about nourishing healthy bodies though good food choices. And after years of working chaotic kitchen hours with long days, late nights and weekends, she is excited for a normal Monday through Friday schedule! And with her own kids at home—being here feels just a little bit like she never left.

Welcome the Olu’s Family, Chef Kali!




Chef Kali’s Tips for awesome meals at home.

Two hacks to make easy food taste great:


Masterfully prepare frozen ravioli in a sauté pan with just some diced tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. You don’t even need to boil the ravioli, simply simmer until cooked through—then toss in fresh basil at the end. Top with some fresh parmesan to really wow your family!

Chicken Tenders

Cut chicken into strips and dip in milk, whisked egg or water, and then dredge in crushed saltine crackers, cornflakes, tortilla chips or any simple cracker. You could even use plain flour! Just remember to add salt & pepper to the dry ingredients as well as any other seasoning you enjoy. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Bake 15 to 20 minutes, turning once, until chicken is no longer pink in center and coating is golden brown. Serve with dipping sauce. Boom, dinner just got easy!

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